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Meetup BIG 4Ws of Threat Hunting

The Colombo Cyber Security Meetup is back for its second ever meetup! This time, the forum will take on “Deep Threat Hunting:- The Big 4 W’s, hosted by Shihan ANNON. Learn about threat hunting, why it matter...

03-Apr-19 to 03-Apr-19
Forums eCon 2019

eCon is a platform where industry’s leaders, researchers, practitioners and enthusiasts can meet, exchange ideas and discuss strategies that will set the course for the future of Cyber Security. Our goal is to create ...

08-Jan-18 to 08-Jan-18
Forums Eguardian Global Services highlights cyber security concerns for financial services sector

Eguardian Global Services shed light on emerging cyber security threats to the financial services industry at its “Way Forward to Cyber Resilience” CIO Forum in Colombo recently. Senior cyber security specialists from...

14-Jan-19 to 18-Jan-19
Workshops / Training Demystifying Memory: Uncover it all! – OMAN

Evidence present in the volatile memory plays a major role in Digital Forensics and Incident Response. Enhancing the skills to analyze system memory and examine the memory images will enable the memory investiga...