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Meetup Cyber Security Management for Industrial IOT

THIS MEETUP WAS HELD ON THE 26TH OF SEPTEMBER 2019. SLIDES FROM THE DISCUSSION CAN BE FOUND HERE. "Public services are important for the smooth functioning of our daily lives. This is why the public sector experien...

21-Aug-19 to 23-Aug-19
Workshops / Training Using Elastic Stack For Security Analysis

Elastic Stack is combination of several very popular and powerful opensource projects; Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana and Beats (Filebeat, Auditbeat Packetbeat, Heartbeat, Etc). The Elastic Stack is a complete end to...

03-Apr-19 to 03-Apr-19
Forums eCon 2019
Meetup Colombo Cyber Security Meetup

The Colombo Cyber Security Meetup is a forum for cyber security professionals to come together to enhance their knowledge, exchange ideas, network, and explore opportunities. Currently, meetups are scheduled to hap...

11-Sep-17 to 11-Sep-17
Forums EGUARDIAN Global Services Cloud Security and Role

EGUARDIAN Global Services, one of the top in-international players in IT security,had their annual partner conference at a southern beach hotel recently. The conference was aimed at bringing their partners up to speed...