Financial institutions are no strangers to cyber-attacks. Over the years these threats have evolved and become unique to different types of organizations; banks, insurance providers, credit cards companies all face specific and distinct challenges.

Organizations pay in millions for cybersecurity solutions only to discover that at best, these technologies help in gathering information after an attack rather than preventing breaches. Thus, why our services are designed to provide proactive security measures, detecting, identifying and eliminating attackers who may have access to critical systems. By continuous monitoring digital assets to detect attempts of attacks as well as identifying compromised assets, EGUARDIANTM Global Services will keep you a step ahead.

EGUARDIANTM GS Financial Service Solutions

  • Deep threat hunting
  • Red team engagement
  • Building information Security Operation Centers for the Financial sector
  • Penetration testing for Finance institutes
  • Building an incident response playbook
  • Security architecture review
  • Consultation for compliance and regulation