Government institutions across nations have struggled for years to keep abreast cyberattacks, safeguarding valuable information against malicious hackers and insider threats. National Security and public citizen services are vital factors for any nation and are most vulnerable to misuse. That’s why government agencies need to move away from the traditional and adopt more resilient methods

EGUARDIANTM Global Services focuses on cyber security for governments with a vision to empower people through information sustainability. From public transportation, education and operations, to utilities and national defense, we provide comprehensive strategic level consultation to tactical level execution programs including Cyber Threat Intelligence, Monitoring & Risk mitigation

EGUARDIANTM GS  Solutions for the Government


  • Consultation for policy makers involved in high level projects
  • Security Operation Centers (SOC) for  National interest
  • Cyber security awareness trainings for government sector employees
  • Threat intelligence for nation state operators
  • Robust cyber resilience programs for nation states