Incident Response

Investigate, Control and Resolve!

Remediate security incidents effectively and efficiently with comprehensive forensics and quick responses

Data breaches can be costly, impacting your customers and the company’s bottom line. Most often organizations discover these incidents well after they’ve occurred, but it’s never too late to respond and take remedial actions.

EGUARDIANTM Global Service’s incident response services include tailor made services to best suite your business and the environment in which you operate. Combining our expert consultancy with cutting edge technology to limit damage, reduce recovery time and costs.

Incident Response Management

Using existing data within your organization, we determine the scope of the attack, data accessed, and the intrusion vector to give you a comprehensive picture of the incident. Once the intrusion is determined we also draw up a feasible action plan, helping you to recover from such intrusions in the most cost effective yet efficient manner.

Digital Forensics

Digital information most often contains key pieces of evidence that can get overlooked or ineffectively collected, which leads to half baked investigations.  Digital forensics aims to uncover and interpret electronic data while investigating them by collecting, identifying and validating information inorder to reconstruct past events. Used mostly to recover erased digital evidence, digital forensics is also used for corporate or intrusion investigations which includes network and log review.Our digital forensic solutions cover 3 main types of forensics.

  • Endpoint Forensics

Turn “we think” into “we know.” Be it insider misconduct, employee termination, or malicious attack, endpoint forensics can help you determine the scope of the attack, data accessed, and the means of entrance. Stop the guess work and be sure of what data was taken and from where– and react appropriately.


  • Network Forensics

EGUARDIANTM GS offers several open source and commercial network forensics platforms that will analyze network traffic in client environment. which will help to monitor, identify and analyze network traffic/ activities to discover from where any attack has been originated, the cause of an attack, intrusions etc.

  • Memory Forensics

As hacking techniques turn out to be progressively complex, memory forensics devices and aptitudes are popular with security experts today. Many system-based security arrangements such as firewalls and antivirus apparatuses can’t distinguish malware composed specifically into a PC’s physical memory or RAM. Therefore, EGUARDIANTM GS memory forensic experts offer the best solution with less with costs in your investigations.

Malware Reverse Engineering

EGUARDIANTM GS cyber security experts are world leaders in malware reverse engineering. Our expertise lie in identifying the capability of the attacker’s malware and determining Indicators of Compromise (IOCs). Once identified you don’t have to write new malware from scratch. We simply modify existing malware (or just compile) and completely bypass antivirus and security software.We work on an individual project or retainer basis to best suite your organization’s need

Threat Intelligence

The rapid increase of various cyber-attacks has made it an absolute necessity to comprehend the dangers of the most widely recognized internal and external attacks, even before then happen.EGUARDIANTM GS experts provide the finest services that help an organization protect itself from the types of attacks that could do them the most damage prior to an attack, by gathering past and present information that may lead to a future attack.