Penetration Testing

Penetration testing also more commonly known as ethical hacking, tests the security of your information systems identifying and exploiting weaknesses. A Penetration Test examines your business processes, information flows and operational systems to determine how vulnerable your environment is to malicious attacks.

From information gathering, foot-printing and Vulnerability Assessment to reporting, our solutions cover web applications, SCADA and ERP systems, mobile applications, wireless, social engineering and red team assessment. Keeping abreast with the latest security vulnerabilities, trends and techniques, we apply our expertise to make strategic recommendations to our clients to ensure that your systems are secure against future attacks.

Vulnerability Scanning &
Penetration Testing

A vulnerability testing identifies and reports noted vulnerabilities and security weaknesses in an organization’s system by reviewing code and settings for known security weaknesses. Thereafter, a penetration test is conducted to find weaknesses in the network that could allow an attacker to access the enterprise environment from the internet, which would involve duplicating the attacker’s actions. This can give an indication of the system’s ability to withstand attack.

Wireless Assessments

Mobile and BYOD devices are fast becoming a standard in organizations. Wireless expands your business capabilities, increasing mobility and speed. While converting a wired network to a wireless may save costs, it opens up your business to a whole new world of attacks.  EGUARDIANTM GS addresses your Wireless Security concerns, leveraging methods employed by adversaries, and providing you with unbiased courses of action, assessing the intensity and tailor-making solutions to meet your business needs.

Web Application Testing

Protect your company’s brand image, retain clients, and instill confidence in your business partners by leveraging EGUARDIANTM GS  Web Application Testing services.  Get the assurance you need that your APIs, mobile, Internet and internal applications are not putting you or your customers at risk.

Our practical application and understanding of adversarial Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs) ensures that your applications are properly tested. Whether you develop apps for your customers’ use, business partners, or employees, we can help ensure that the application and data flows are secure and compliant

Services covered:

  • Network Application Security Testing
  • Mobile Application Security Assessments
  • Application Programming Interface (API) level testing

Social Engineering

Most often, attackers con unsuspecting employees into providing privileged access and compromising confidential data putting your business and employees at risk. Social engineering assessments are used to collect statistics on how susceptible your staff is to such attacks, and often utilized as an attack vector during penetration tests. With the end goal of determining security awareness, ability to mitigate active attacks and identifying previously unknown gaps, results and the business impact is analyzed collaboratively with our customers to provide actionable steps

Services covered:

  • Open Source Intelligence Collection & Analysis
  • Spear Phishing & Phishing Campaigns
  • Pretexting/Cold-calling
  • Physical – Onsite activities used to gain access to specific or otherwise sensitive locations,

Industrial Control Health Check

An industrial health check assesses your organization’s cyber security posture without using any invasive assessment techniques. This exercise gives a detailed understanding of how vulnerable an organization is to risks and potential hackers. This proactive process helps organizations reduce business risk by preventing data losses be it intellectual property or customer information, leading to increased confidence, credibility and brand reputation

Red Team Assessment

Many organizations believe that plugging in a security or monitoring solution to their network will help detect and prevent attacks, but it could not be further from the truth. An effective detection solution, alerting mechanism and experienced and skilled staff is required to prevent an advance attacker from accessing the company’s network.

A Red Team Assessment uses techniques that may not have been planned for. The purpose of this exercise is to think like a real attacker, who won’t be testing your defences, but aiming to breach them by any means possible. A Red Team assessment aims to give your security team the practical experience in combatting real cyberattack and is ideal for organizations who want to improve detection and response capabilities of their security teams as well as test their ability to protect critical assets from targeted attacks.