SOC as a Service

Never lose sleep over security breaches.
Stay on top of malware evolution and protect your sensitive data from insider and outsider attacks.

Building threat detection and response teams is not feasible for many organizations. The rising complexity of cyber threats make it very difficult to keep up with all the new malware variants, even for organizations with mature security teams. EGUARDIANTM GS acts as a remote extension to your security team, by offering 24x7x365 monitoring of valuable assets in your digital infrastructure for security incidents.

Security Operation Center as a Service (SOCaaS)  offered by EGUARDIANTM GS is easy to implement and scalable to meet your budget requirements. Starting from only few devices you can expand the Manage Detection and Response services to cover thousands of assets as you grow.

The Security Monitoring process involves analysing the security incidents only (internal and external) and never accesses any data from your valuable assets thus ensuring total confidentiality of your information.


  • Collect continuous alerts, analyze and determine threats that might impact your business
  • Detect suspicious activities and abnormal behaviors of the network environment
  • Monitor security events related to your systems 24/7/365, remotely
  • Get continuous visibility into threat and risks across systems
  • Detect compliance violations and policy changes in your systems
  • Provide updated realtime threat intelligence for identifying the cyber attackers

With our expertise in post incident analysis, we can carry out other highly specialized services such as Threat Hunting, Memory Forensics, Malware Reverse Engineering, etc… to ensure your systems are safe and secure from breaches.



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* Conditions Apply

Proceeding with the 30 Day Fee Trial is subject to a technical evaluation by the EGS SOC experts. Minimum number of 20 devices is needed to proceed in order to capture visibility of client network. Client is responsible for providing the necessary servers.
Subject to availability of the SOC experts.